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The Basics

By using a little common sense and following some basic battery safety guidelines, you can protect yourself from running into a very dangerous situation.  Failure to comply with manufacturer specifications and practices can lead to batteries discharging.  You do not want that – especially in your pocket, home, office, car – or anywhere else.

Use the tips and links below to educate yourself on the basics of battery safety and follow them always.  Remember, it only takes one small oversight in how you use, store, or charge your batteries to case a fire, explosion, or worse.  Follow these rules every single time and you can vape happily ever after.

Using Batteries

Always make sure the battery wrapping has not been damaged in any way.  This applies to mod batteries and others.   If it’s questionable at all, do not use it.

Storing Batteries

Always store your mod batteries in cases, between 68°F and 72°F, out of reach of children, and away from other objects.  Do not keep loose batteries in your pocket.

Charging Batteries

Always make sure your batteries, power sources, and manufacturer ratings agree with each other prior to using any device or battery.  Use balanced batteries.

batteries AkA mini-bombs.

From today moving forward, think about your batteries as explosive devices that detonate randomly when you use, store, or charge them improperly.

In all reality, that is exactly what they are.


Minding Your Mahs

The fundamental battery safety video for battery safety.  Watch this.

Ecig Explosions

This guide from FEMA reviews the damage and costs off battery explosions.

Ohm's Law Tutorial

Understand battery safety by learning about Ohm’s law and how electricity works.

Coil Calculators

Steam engine’s free coil calculators are a great resource for calculating custom coils.

Battery Mooch Videos

Looking to become a vape battery expert?  Let mooch be your guide.

Tips to avoid explosions

This guide, published by the FDA, provides basic battery safety guidelines to follow.
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