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You know you’re dreaming. You’ve gotten good at it too. Self-awareness is hard for some people when they’re awake, but in your own mind it’s something else altogether. So what do you want to do? You want to fly, fall, create worlds to the extent of your imagination? Or do you want to visit the legendary vape kingdom, that so many dream about, yet so few even believe to exist?

Off to vape kindgom you go… You’ve imagined a mysterious door. Is this the door to vape kindom? Maybe you want to be surprised, but it’s a nice door in any case. Aren’t you getting excited? You approach the door slowly and cautiously, being sure not to be discovered by other vapers in search of the magical kingdom.

Your hand grasps the door knob now. You twist, and pull, very quietly.

Door ajar and a bright all encompassing light suddenly blinds you! Your eyes adjust, revealing the most amazing sight you have ever laid your eyes on. You have discovered the eLiquid Lagoon. It’s night time but fireflies and what appear to be fairies glow white and green and blue, just above the eLiquid Lagoon. The sky tonight is clear and you are completely taken in by the sight of two, large vape juice moons, occupying just enough sky for it to take the breath away from your soul.

As you stare at the eLiquid Lagoon in amazement, you notice a shiny treasure chest. That’s right. Not only is it magical, but you begin to pick up on a very familiar smell, radiating from the magical chest. The chest is glistening, so much that you can’t even look directly at it. That does’t bother you though. It’s the most amazing sight you could have ever imagined. This oddly delicious, yet strangely familiar smell is something you only previously dreamed about (from time to time). As you approach the magical chest, you get the feeling you have just possibly made the discovery of a lifetime. You begin to lift the lid. Verrry slowly. It’s so heavy you have to use both hands and all of your might.

As you open the chest, you hide your eyes from the bliding reflection. It’s at least as powerful as looking into the sun, if not more, but the damage to your retinas has already taken its toll. “It’s too late to go back now”, you whisper to yourself, as to not catch the attention of the fairies dancing around the lagoon.

And suddenly, you remember what the smell is. “Could this be the Sub Ohm Laboratories Coconut Cream Pie eJuice?” you hesitantly ask yourself, studdering in excitement and disbelief.

Inside, you find a 30ml bottle of Sub Ohm Laboratories Cocunut Cream Pie eJuice, and it even has your name on it. You realize you have now accomplished everything you ever wanted in life. But as you reach down to grab the juice, your alarm clock screams and you wake up, sweating from the dream.

Fortunately, you remember you can find the magical Coconut Cream Pie eLiquid you discovered by the eLiquid Lagoon – on You log on and get yourself a 450ml bottle, which should tie you over for the next week or so.

I guess you’re ready to wake now?

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